Elope Grand Canyon

Elope Grand Canyon

Elope Grand Canyon! You can have your last-minute wedding at the south rim of The Grand Canyon by simply eloping. No need for long checklists, endless shopping, and meeting other people’s expectations. Be married today or tomorrow on your own terms and enjoy a stress-free elopement in Arizona.

Elope Grand Canyon is about getting married today or tomorrow by one of Arizona Ministers’ wedding officiants on short notice.

Having performed thousands of weddings, Arizona Ministers is The Copper State’s first and foremost association of wedding officiants.

In Grand Canyon National Park there are wonderful cliffs with amazing vistas to frame an awesome elopement wedding ceremony.  CNN considers this one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and reader feedback forced USA Today to add it as #8 to their list. Imagine your wedding photos!

We will perform your ceremony just about any time of the day. Sunrise and sunset are phenomenal times to find yourself at the canyon because the sky is so pretty. However, the best time to be married with the entire canyon aglow in color is from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. You can always schedule time to get those sunrise and sunset photos!

While the park has five million visitors annually, we know some quieter and less-visited sites.

So, if you want to elope to The Grand Canyon, you have searched and found Elope Grand Canyon. We are professionally prepared and experienced to help you enjoy a care-free elopement wedding in The Grand Canyon National Park.

Elope Grand Canyon

1. Call our office. We will become acquainted, discuss the dates & times available, and all your ceremony options (civil or religious). Ask about locations that require a park permit for weddings and those that do not. You can come alone or have as many guests as you would like. Bring your own camera or we can recommend a professional photographer.

2. Get your marriage license. Check out Arizona Marriage License or Marriage License by Mail.

Advice: A certified copy of the license is needed to change one’s name at Social Security and Motor Vehicles. Pre-pay for the certified copy when you buy the license and they mail it to you automatically. Certified copies are believed to be free for individuals in the active military.

3. Meet us at Grand Canyon National Park (at an agreed-upon location) to elope! Our fee is $600 which includes planning the ceremony, writing changes to personalize it, on-time arrival in proper attire, conducting the beautiful ceremony, recording the marriage license and all travel expenses from Phoenix (7 hours round-trip).

By the way, Horseshoe Bend and Grand Canyon West are extremely remote locations not located in The Grand Canyon National Park and will incur additional fees.

Please note: Partners must be age 18 or older. Cautionary note: In the event of any threat of lightening the wedding will be moved to a safe location.

Call Phillip or Gwen Waring at 602-619-7277 (8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)
Messages returned the same or next day.


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